• maintanance, repairs and modifications of injection molds
  • preventive maintanance and spotting of injection molds
  • fine-tuning of new injection molds after delivery for operation

Injection mold services:

Maintenance and spotting of injection molds

cleaning, removal of flashes, checking of parting lines, lubrication of molds, conservation of molds, checking of parting line area, tuning of parting line area

Injection molds repairs

damaged shapes, damaged mold components, flashes, parting lines, polishing of shapes and cold runner systems

Modifications of injection molds

changes of shapes based on requirements

Fine-tuning of new injection molds

fine-tuning of injection molds after delivery from the manufacturer (especially for molds that are imported from third or more distant countries), corrections of dimensions, fitting of the mold, fine-tuning of functionality for trouble-free operation of the mold for serial production